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Facebook and Search Engine Optimization - Yes You Do Need Both

Almost all internet users do 2 things on a regular basis:

  • They use search engines.

  • They use Facebook.

As a marketer or business owner, one of your biggest jobs is to funnel people from other websites to your own. You can achieve this with an ad campaign on search engines, (hoping for a high click through rate) and utilizing target market ad copy in social media as a component of your advertising campaigns.

Your target audience hangs out in various parts of the web, but a huge percentage of any target audience uses search engines and Facebook. An online ad has a huge opportunity to succeed in a social media platform. That’s why they are so important, and why we pay so much attention to SEO and social media marketing. Once you’ve found your target audience, it’s just a matter of finding a way to get your content in front of them and on Facebook there’s a few ways to do that. The main way (and by far the most effective) is to advertise.

Honestly, this goes for just about all social networks. It’s why the social media advertising spend continues to grow every year and it's a lead magnet for your target market when done right.

So what next? You start by understanding your target audience and once you have that, let the creativity begin!

In the beginning, we really want to make sure that our graphics (and headlines) are going to catch someone's attention as well as motivate the user to want to find out more. However we cannot expect the graphics or verbiage to convey all of our messaging (and it does not need to), the website and social media page should take care of that.

Creating a catchy headline or a graphic to grab someone's attention among the constantly scrolling feeds is hard to do. But the good news is, even after being published, you can keep changing your ads as needed in your campaign because we can dynamically edit the ads. So if you find that your ads are not performing, go ahead and change them!

Also the more that you can discover about your customers, the more effective your choices will be and the smarter you can operate. Once you have gained you're target's attention and they take the time to discover more - make sure you give them something interesting to keep them on your website, or social media page.

Data and analysis can only take you so far. There is no substitute for knowing your market, and understanding the people that consist of your market. This is the thing that will guide you in connecting with people. These days people don’t just buy something because you present it for sale, they have complex beliefs, values, political and social inclinations. People now follow sophisticated motivations and the nuances of these determine how they spend. Facebook advertising offers us a powerful platform to sell many different things, you just have to invest some time and thought in about how you utilize this, otherwise you will wasting your ad dollars. Always remember, the devil is in the details.

At the end of it all your objectives and you being able to understand your audience will determine your outcome.

Brandy Owen


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